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Where would a revolution be without its ambassadors?
Meet ours: chocolate lovers just like you, who want only the best when it comes to flavour and the way the bars were produced.

Caroline Lubbers

Social entrepreneur & cocoa expert

Q: Woman on a mission here?
A: Yes!
Q: Tell us about it.
A: I want to change systems. And because I believe small-scaled factories often set example on how production chains ought to be, I want to give them a wider audience. The taste of their chocolate is so much richer, everyone should know about it.
Q: Challenging the status quo?
A: Yes, if we all demand premium quality, this will improve the bigger companies too.
Q. When did your mission start?
A: When I studied in Grasse, France, I experienced how deep the emotion of tasting goes. When later on I met Mott Green

(Grenada Chocolate Company) who sails on a vessel to transport chocolate, I just knew this was the way to go. Romantic idea, huh?
Q: How are things going so far?
A: Good! There is still a long way to go, but I’m very hopeful. Looking at the parties that are willing to share and collaborate, we’re on to something great.
Q: Favourite place in the world?
A: The cocoa plantations in Grenada, most definitely. The fields there are greener than green. Pure magic.

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