Again, how do these boxes work?

We believe preference changes consumption changes production. If more people grow preference for a better kind of chocolate – better flavoured and better produced – this will improve production chains of the bigger brands too. That is why we offer you a selection of some of these pioneer bars to try.


Can I sign up for more?

Yes please! If you like trying new bars and learn more about the 600+ aromas fine chocolate has to offer, subscribe here. You will then receive a surprise selection of chocolate every month. Discover new bars and support these chocolate makers on a regular basis. This is by far the best way to support them and change the system!


Not all brands have Fair Trade logos, why not?

Certification is certainly a step in the right direction, but can often be a bureaucratic exercise. So when you are a small factory in the outland of a tiny region, all that paperwork can get in the way of true progress. And can be very expensive. Some chocolate makers then decide to go their own way to speed the revolution. We support and follow their ambition, not only the trade marks!


So if a bar is without logos, how do I know it’s okay?

If a bar says direct trade or mentions the exact origin of the cocao, you’re probably holding a true pioneer brand. Think for yourself and trust your gut feeling, this usually brings you far.


How is the chocolate selected?

Chocolate connaisseur Caroline Lubbers travels the world in search of the best fine flavour chocolate there is to find. Every month she selects four bars to send out, with a description of the origin and the passionate makers. Each box contains only the best, international award winning chocolate.


Why do I set up an account?

Signing up is not necessary when you order an introduction box. But if you subscribe, you can conveniently find all information about past orders online. It’s an administration thing.


Can I find these fine chocolate in offline stores too?

Some of these fine flavour brands are sold in stores around the country and online too. Click here to find out where. Again, we are all in this together, so we want to promote all good points of sale!


Do I pay less if I order more?

Of course you do. This goes automatically when you order.


When do I receive my bars?

Single boxes are sent out every Thursday Subscription boxes are mailed in the first week of each month. Subscriptions made before the last Thursday of the month will include the box of that current month, subscriptions made after the last Thursday will start in the following month.


Hmmmm can’t I just pick the bars I prefer?

Once you found ‘the one chocolate bar to rule them all’, we’ll make sure to let you know where to buy this exact brand. But the selection in our boxes are meant to introduce you to the brands you might not know already. So let us surprise you, magic happens inside our tasting boxes!


What if I really really like this chocolate pioneering, what else can I discover?

The fine chocolate box is one of our ways to introduce premium brands to a wider audience: you! But if you want to discover even more, make sure to visit one of the shops we recommend. Join the revolution!