Marou chocolate

We head to Saïgon in Vietnam, for this deep dark chocolate of Marou – Faiseurs de Chocolat. A story that begins like an evocative tale from old Indochina.

Meet Vincent and Samuel, two French émigrés, who crossed paths for the first time while trekking through a Vietnamese jungle and are now proud owners of the first artisan chocolate maker in Vietnam. Blending the Southern Vietnam cacao origin and the renowned traditional know how of French chocolate makers, their aim is to make Vietnamese chocolate a widely recognized origin for gourmet chocolate.

These chocolate pioneers revisited the old history of cacao in Vietnam: a crop introduced in Indochina in the 19th century, forgotten during the war years and finally rediscovered in the past decade.

Vincent and Samuel are among the very few chocolate makers working in the country of origin of their cacao, allowing them to work directly with the farmers, of whom they know everyone’s first name by heart. Together they create some of the most beautiful bars in the world.


Chocolate: Tien Gang 70%

Origin: Vietnam, Mekong Delta

Cacao: 70% cacao

Features: Cacao grown organically by farmers of the Cho Gao Cooperative in the Mekong Delta

Taste: This full-bodied chocolate is characterized by unique spicy, fruity  notes and honey.

Chocolate: Dong Nai 72%

Origin: Vietnam, from farms in the upper Dong Nai Province

Cacao: 72% cacao

Features: This chocolate is made with cacao that is produced at Marou’s own cacao fermentation and drying station near Cat Tien Natural Park in Dong Nai province, making it a very rare ‘pod-to-bar’ chocolate.

Taste: A finely balanced dark chocolate with surprising mix of cream and subtle spices, and an omnipresent fruity acidity.

Chocolate: Lam Dong 74%

Origin: Vietnam, from small farms of Lam Dong province at the foot of the Central Highlands of the Annamitic range

Cacao: 74% cacao

Features: A rare and delicate chocolate made in micro-batches from cacao beans cultivated in hilly woodland at the edge of the Vietnamese Central Highlands between Madagui and Bao Loc.

Taste: A very fine, round chocolate with delicate hints of spices and exquisite texture

Chocolate: Ba Ria 76%

Origin: Vietnam, from the hills of Ba Ria province

Cacao: 76% Trinitario cacao

Features: Marou’s most distinctive chocolate from Trinitario cacao sourced directly from select farmers in Ba Ria provence.

Taste: A powerful aromatic chocolate with exceptionally high fruit notes and some hazelnut and tobacco towards the aftertaste

Chocolate: Ben Tre 78%

Origin: Vietnam, Mekong Delta

Cacao: 78% cacao

Features: Cacao from the Ben Tre province in the Mekong Delta, where cacao trees are planted among the coconut groves

Taste: Intense yet perfectly balanced dark chocolate, acidic and a strong tone of cider vinegar. Curious kiwi fruit note in the aftertaste

Chocolate: Tien Gang – Wallpaper edition

Origin: Vietnam

Cacao: 80% cacao

Features: This bar showcases Marou’s dedication to exceptional design as recognised by London’s Wallpaper* magazine

Taste: This chocolate is high in spice, tobacco and nutty flavours

Chocolate: Treasure Island ¾ limited edition

Origin: Vietnam, Mekong Delta

Cacao: 75% cacao

Features: Extremely delicate 75% chocolate made with cacao growing in very small quantities on Tan Phu Dong island in the middle of the Mekong river.

Taste: We guarantee you a unique sensory experience with subtle notes of liquorice and spice