Pacari chocolate

PACARI, even the name sounds strong and colourful. This family-owned factory from Ecuador has won many international awards, producing only 100% organic and fair trade chocolate.

Pacari – which means ‘nature’ in Quecheua, the indigenous language of the Andean region – produces chocolate that maintains the complex flavour profile of the Arriba Nacional cacao bean. This Arriba Nacional bean is known for its rich, full taste and complex fruity and floral notes.

Working closely with small-scale cacao growers throughout the entire ‘bean to bar’ process, they preserve traditional ways of farming and protect the biodiversity of cacao in Ecuador. “An essential ingredient is being involved in the entire process – from working directly with the farmers to designing the packaging, and in every step in between.” Pacari is the first single-origin organic chocolate made entirely in Ecuador.

These chocolate makers are dedicated to producing the highest quality organic chocolate in Ecuador

Chocolate: Andean Blueberry

Origin: Ecuador    

Cacao: 60% Arriba Nacional cacao

Features: By combining the taste and the health benefits of the Andean Blueberries (antioxidants) with the Pacari 60% dark chocolate, a delicious bar is made, sure to please.

Taste: Fine fruity, crispy structure


Chocolate: Los Rios

Origin: Ecuador

Cacao: 72% Arriba Nacional cacao

Features: Cacao from the higher Ecuadorian rainforest area of Los Ríos

Taste: Exotic aromas of the lush tropical forests where the cacao is grown. Strong cacao with notes of fruit blossom and a subtle finish of guanabana and roasted coffee


Chocolate: Manabi

Origin: Ecuador

Cacao: 65% Arriba Nacional cacao

Features: Cacao from the central region of Manabi

Taste: Citrus aroma with a strong upfront cacao profile. It offers an adventurous combination of nut and citrus flower flavours with a smooth and lasting finish. Feels cool on the tongue (tight melting point).